Criminal Defense Legal Services:

     Being charged with a crime can be an expensive and stressful process if you do not get the right assistance.  My focus is to take on the challenge of analyzing the case for you, negotiate with the prosecution, and represent you at court to obtain the most favorable outcome, based on the facts of your case.  We can also represent drivers at administrative proceedings with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to assist you with reinstatement of your driver's license, in the event you are faced with this difficulty.  Please do not hesitate to contact this office if you are in need of criminal defense representation.  I am valued for my communication skills and for crafting livable solutions to the obstacles life throws in your path.  In cases where the charges are unjustified, I will be more than willing to take the case to trial and put the burden on the prosecution to prove their case.  Too often the inalienable rights afforded by our Constitution such as the right to bear arms, to self-defense, and to your freedom from unreasonable search and seizure to name just a few, are trespassed.  But few are willing to test the system.  You are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, and we are here to help make sure that you are provided with the rights and the defense to which you are entitled.

Real Estate Solutions:

     This office is available to meet your needs in virtually all aspects of real estate including real estate contracts, litigation, and title issues.  We are prepared to assist homeowners with foreclosure defense services by filing lawsuits based on violations of lending laws and the statutes governing the foreclosure process.  With the enactment of the Homeowner's Bill of Rights, you can expect to gain more protections as the courts enforce provisions of this statute including prohibitions against dual-tracking of modification applications and foreclosure proceedings, notice requirements, and the mandate that each homeowner shall be provided with a single-point-of contact within bank foreclosure departments.  This office is experienced in obtaining temporary restraining orders to postpone trustee's sales in cases where viable lawsuits are pending in either state or federal court in and around the Bay Area, as well as successful with dispute resolution.


Consumer Assistance:

     You can call us for the little things, such as the car repair bill for the car that still does not drive the way it should, the gift card that was incorrectly credited, excess surcharges and fees to your credit account and the myriad of other bothersome consumer issues confronting you.  You may find yourself finally ready to take a stand, yet the matter is not so costly for which it makes sense to retain a lawyer to provide full legal services.  The way you can address these problems, is to hire this office for limited scope representation.  That is, let me handle the case preparation for you, and enable you to take your day in court to ask the judge to fix the problem.  It seems as if the concept of customer service in many industries is controlled by whether or not you, the customer, impress the phone operator enough to motivate the service manager to get on the phone in the first place, and lastly to satisfy your complaint for goods and services for which you've already paid.  If you are tired of yelling at uncaring service representatives and obtaining little to no results, please consider whether you will benefit from our services and by taking this opportunity for civil recourse of your damages.  And, if your dispute is of an amount greater than $10,000 then, I will be glad to be retained for full service representation.

Law Office

Litigation for Your Life:

     I am trained in civil litigation and criminal defense and can assist you with a wide range of legal services.  If you are in need of a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact this office.  My practice is designed to fit YOUR needs, and change with the times.  As the wave of foreclosures hit the State of California, I became experienced in the area of foreclosure defense and helped save many properties from imminent foreclosure.  I do not promise you a free house, but to work effectively as a member on your team to get you the support you need regardless of the nature of your dispute.  If you have some other type of legal issue, you are probably not the only one finding yourself in that particular situation, and I want to hear about it so that your rights can be addressed.  I am committed to dedicating our practice to fitting the needs of the community and to paving the way for your access to justice.  So often there may be a disconnect between a perceived legal claim and the process for having this claim addressed.  My office can provide the necessary advice and counsel so that you may have an opportunity for effective dispute resolution.  If you would like to speak to an attorney about your case, please call (415) 794-4479 to schedule an appointment with Attorney Megan Dailey.  Thank you for considering this office for legal services.  

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